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No Black Support for Mitt Romney?

August 22, 2012

A new poll shows Mitt Romney has zero percent support from African Americans, compared to 94 percent for Barack Obama. Apparently this is news. Obama received nearly 96 percent of the black vote in 2008; Democratic presidential candidates typically receive overwhelming black support and only 2 percent of GOPers are black.

Conservative black writer Crystal Wright thinks Romney is the victim of a race-baiting Democratic strategy. Ron Christie, a prominent black Republican strategist and political commentator tweets:

I don’t know, Mr. Christie. The media rarely points out the GOP is 90 percent white and Crystal Wright claims “the GOP isn’t the all-white party.” OK. The GOP isn’t entirely white. Only 90 percent white. And this fact is rarely articulated by the media. Bill Clinton had 90 percent support from black voters. Actually, since he was the first “black” president, maybe that only supports Christie’s anecdote.

According to the NBC/WSJ poll, white support for President Obama has dropped three percentage points since his 2008 election. There’s even a very slight drop in support for Obama among black voters. Of course, we shouldn’t simply dismiss race from the equation. Given a choice between a white Conservative intent on curtailing social welfare protections and a black Centrist who has presided over devastating black unemployment, it’s likely to assume black voters might be more inclined to vote for the “black guy.” Then again, if Obama were a white centrist Democrat presiding over devastating black unemployment, black voters would likely support this fictional candidate by an overwhelming margin–probably around 90 percent.

There’s no shortage of race-baiting in American politics. I simply submit the GOP is better at it than the Dems.


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  1. janson mancheski permalink

    This poll should be embarrassing for race relations, and for black voter intelligence. 50% of white voters voted for Obama in ’08. We were almost giddy to have an african american in office to show that we are not racist warmongers, but have gone far past that. The problem turned out to be Obama — and he’s proven to be a terrible president.
    For blacks now to turn around and give 90% support to him based solely on his race is a slap in the face to every white voter who voted for the guy based on hope and change, and not on his skin color. If the percentage was 70 – 30 in favor, then maybe i’d accept it. But 100% against the man who will help bring jobs back to the black community seems like a startling example of racism to me.

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