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Race, religion and same-sex marriage

March 14, 2012

Someone in the Twitterverse referred to my commentary on same-sex marriage and marriage-equality as “garbage.” Fair enough. No need to defend one’s position. One commentator noted that he is,

…disgusted that homosexual behavior is equated with the civil rights movement and equal justice for black Americans.  Same sex marriage is a moral issue that the word of God considers immoral acts.  As a black man and a Christian, I can not tolerate changes of b[e]havior based on man’s opinion rather than what God has ordained as marriage between a man and a woman.

A compelling, intellectual argument can be made in opposition to same-sex marriage; Glenn Loury attempts to do just that during an intriguing dialogue with John McWhorter. Compelling, but not convincing. But rejecting a perspective supporting same-sex marriage as “garbage” or having a visceral reaction to homosexuality is neither compelling nor intellectual; it’s blatantly unintellectual and borderline immoral.

Further supporting the theory that left-of-center black folks think in lockstep, Lionel Foster wrote a brilliantly titled column of his own examining religion, African-Americans and the marriage-equality movement. Amazingly, Lionel informed me of the topic of his latest column just hours after I submitted my piece to the Brew.

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