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Reading about Race and Post-Blackness

March 1, 2012

I absolutely abhor listening to and/or watching myself speak. I think most people do. There are a few lessons to glean from this recording, kids, but here are the two most important: 1) Make more eye contact with your audience than I do here and 2)  for Christ’s sake, slow down when you speak. Actually, I’ve also discovered that I’m world’s better reading off script than I am when I have pieces of stapled paper in front of me. This video is an example of why writers are writers; most of us ought to be chained behind a computer or typewriter for all of eternity…and with plenty of whiskey within arms reach. Unless you’re Stacey Patton, who somehow manages to dispel all stereotypes about awkward writer-types. Please forgive me, though; after all, I collect comic books…er, graphic novels.


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