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Sleeping out for the homeless and other news

November 22, 2011

I wrote a column/editorial/blog post on the “A Bench is Not a Bed” sleep-out event this past Saturday that was broken up by the Baltimore City Police Department for the Baltimore Brew, which was published last night. Read the full piece here. My friend, Lionel Foster, is writing a piece for Grist, a Seattle-based environmental news and politics magazine, and will also follow-up on the issue in his “Where I Come From” column for Baltimore City Paper.  I’m eagerly awaiting the publication of both; there’s a lot more that can be said about this unfortunate situation than I was able to capture in my post.

In less serious news, three weeks from today I will be a featured storyteller in the debut of Full Circle Storytelling. The theme is “Every Beginning Has a Story,” so you’ll discover how a farmhand from Ohio named Dick Whitman became world conquering adman, Don…wait, wrong, origin story. My origin, of course, is much less interesting than anything you’d ever see on Mad Men, but hopefully I can both entertain and inform the audience.

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